Want a Patio By Summer? Start Planning Now

Remodeling a patio can help you update a tired, under-utilized outdoor space and turn it into a perfect hot spot for summer pool and BBQ parties. From built-in BBQs to pizza ovens, it’s possible to extend your living pace and create your ideal entertainment area with a home remodeling project. Don’t be afraid to dream big—this is the kind of project you can grow into over the years, doing a little at a time. As long as you have an overall plan and a home building contractor who understands what you’re trying to do, you can implement it in stages that fit with your budget.

When to Plan

Start the planning phase of your home remodeling project well in advance. If you want to enjoy it in the summer, it needs to be completed by early June at the latest. Allow around six weeks for implementation depending on the work that needs to be done, and that means being ready to begin by mid-April. All your finishes need to be chosen, the fittings and materials on order and a home building contractor appointed by the end of March. It’s probably best to start the ball rolling by February, in that case, if you want to be ready in time.

Choosing the Layout

Designing a layout for remodeling a patio needs to take account of critical factor such as:

  • the direction your home faces

  • how much sun the location gets

  • whether the area is sheltered from or open to the wind

  • the location of your pool, if you have one

  • proximity to the kitchen, den or living room

  • distance to the nearest bathroom

These are important aspects of outdoor entertaining because they affect issues such as the temperature of the area during hot sunny afternoons, and the convenience of transporting crockery and cutlery between the kitchen and the BBQ.

Making It Functional

The need for functionality drives choices such as the height and width of the BBQ you install. If you’re building a covered brick BBQ it’s possible to locate it against an external wall, for example, because it’s protected against the elements. If you’re remodeling a patio that needs to accommodate groups larger than six or eight people, however, you might want a flexible layout that enables you to increase the number of chairs and tables as required. Do you want an outdoor kitchen area on your patio? Install overhead covering to keep your appliances safe from the elements.

Select Materials

Choose your materials and finishes based on the final look and feel you want. Slate, natural stone and poured concrete floors are great if you’re after a rustic, country style, while brick or ceramic paving give a more elegant look. If you go for wooden decking, choose timber with a weatherproof coating for long-lasting wear. For a seamless finish, carry the choice of materials through to the BBQ, planters and benches you include.